Friday, December 10, 2010

Accessing Unix server in windows explorer

There has always been a debate between using a GUI-based, windows-freindly FTP client like WinSCP and a conventional telnet client like PuTTY. One party says that its Easy to use and doesn't need any unix knowledge to perform any operations; and the other says that one needs to have such roboust telnet clients to "keep in touch" with the commands/syntax and accept the fact that not everything in the world is "Winowized".

I did a google fight between these two and here is the winner :

Anyway, before i digress too much, let me show you a intersting way to access your UNIX servers from windows without downloading any FTP client or a telnet client:
  • Open the Internet Explorer and type the following in the address bar and hit enter:
  • ftp://<user-name>:<password>@<server-name>
  • Now you would be able to see your unix home directory in your windows explorer if you are using IE 6. If you are using a IE 8, then click on Page and click on Open FTP Site in Windows Explorer. You may be prompted for a user id and password again.
  • Now save this link in you favourites and next time you want to login, you could just open a windows explorer and login using your credentials.

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