Sunday, March 20, 2011

Using SAS as my makeshift alarm: Using sound function

I have trouble waking up early everyday. And the days when i forget to set alarm in my mobile, I might wake up two days later!!

I've overcome this problem after i discovered this the sound function in SAS. This function produces a beep sound for the specified frequency and time which are to be supplied as the arguments.

Now, lets see how we make the conventional alarm sound which would ring for 20 times:

data _null_;
do j=1 to 20;
   do i=1 to 4;

Now, if we schedule this code in a windows scheduler to run everyday at some designated time, SAS would take up the task of waking you up everyday.

I use this sound function more often at the end of my long running programs. It would beep after the completion of the program (yes.. pretty similar to the oven) so that we could do the needful actions.

Just to note that this is possible only with the Windows SAS and the sound function does not work in UNIX/Mainframes.

I would like to end this post by sharing with you, a brilliant application of this sound/sleep function: the composition of the "Ol Mac Donald" Song:

So.. Let the music begin!!!

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