Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Booooom!!! proc explode!!!

I came across an interesting procedure today.. Its called as proc explode!

This procedure enables the user to blow up the text in nice formatting and display it on the output screen (I think only in listing).

This reminds me of the 'banner' command in the ol' UNIX boxes.

You can try the explode procedure yourself by copy pasting the below code..

proc explode;


And the output is as shown below:

Just a word of caution! Please be mindful about the space before HELLO WORLD in the proc explode step. It throws up an error if we forget that space because SAS expects a numeric or some specific characters in that place (some options for changing the formats of the display).

Also if you are using versions <= SAS 9.1, then you may have to execute this filename statement before the proc explode (Some bug i found!!! )
FILENAME FT15F001 '~/file1.txt';

More information about the proc explode can be got at:

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