Tuesday, November 23, 2010

.netrc in UNIX

I came across this interesting feature when i was trying to FTP a file from a FTP server to my Unix box. I used this convetional method to FTP a file earlier:

ftp -n $SERVER
quote user $LOGIN
quote pass $PASSWORD
cd ..
ls BKP files.txt

The problem with this method is that I would need to store my user id and password in the variable LOGIN and PASSWORD and read it everytime. This can be done by saving these variables in another read only file and then reading them everytime we FTP a file. Also we may need to keep updating our passwords as and when we change it.

.netrc file helps us overcome all these shortcomings. All you need to do is create a file named .netrc in your home directory and paste the following text in it:

machine login password

Then give the following permissions: -rw-------

This would help us FTP the files without having us to provide any login credentials anytime.

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